Buying A Home

Buying a property is a very exciting decision. The first step in this process is to find an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated real estate agent.

• We will provide you with detailed information on every property listed for sale. In addition to all properties you see advertised in newspapers, postcards or online, including properties advertised as “For Sale By Owner”.

• We will accompany you to every visit to the selected properties and inform you of the market history of the properties and neighborhoods that better suits your lifestyle.

• We will help you pre-approve a loan, select a local real estate attorney and an accountant.

• Once you select a property, we will put an offer together thru a market analysis of the current value of the property. The offer will include the amount you are willing to pay, cash or mortgage amount, closing and occupancy dates, contingencies and inspections.

• If the offer is not accepted by the seller, further negotiations will be conducted until we reach the terms agreeable to both parties.

• When offer is fully accepted, we will monitor down payments, loan approvals, building inspections and contingency dates. Time is critical at this stage.

• Between contract and closing, we will assist you with services you will need before, during and after your move-in. Homeowner’s insurance, moving services, interior decorating, home improvements, cleaning services, new electricity, cable, Internet and phone services. We are here to help you on every step of the way.

• We will accompany you to the closing where all parties sign all necessary documentation to complete the transaction. From the amount credited to the seller, the closing agent subtracts the funds to pay off any existing mortgages and other transaction costs. Deeds, loan papers and other documents are prepared, signed and filed with local property record office.  The seller receives payment for the property and you receive the keys.

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